Performance Across People, Systems, and Processes

Performance Across People, Systems, and Processes

Practising Life Values #1:

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Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence

I wonder if there ever was a better time to practise this brilliant concept by Stephen Covey – ‘Focus on things you can influence, rather than the ones you cannot.’

My take –
Information on Covid 19 is endless
bringing anxiety, fear and hopelessness.

Future of the human race, a crumbling economy or the growing geopolitical stress,
Oh God! This only makes me frail, lost and powerless.

Instead, what if I focus on the small world I’m locked inside?

For, isn’t this where my powers reside?

Every decision I make, every action I take,
Every word I utter, every thought I allow to flutter,
Has an impact.

Smiles I can bring, simply by baking a cake,
Boredom I can cut, with a silly take.

The house I can keep clean and nice,
Watch a movie with piping hot rice.

Serve fresh food, ensure everyone’s health,
And playful banter for emotional wealth.

Instead of complaining, I can practice gratitude,
And inspire others, to pick up this attitude.

Read, write, paint or sing,
Here’s a chance to do our thing.

Patiently wait for the dark clouds to clear,
So we can celebrate life with a loud cheer!

These thoughts on Life Values are my own – Nandita Warrier, Life Coach and Business Consultant.