Performance Across People, Systems, and Processes

Performance Across People, Systems, and Processes

Empowerment and Trust – Building Blocks of Success

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How to empower your team to ensure success

Teamwork & Empowerment

This is a science and it’s proven!

If you are looking to get the most out of yourself then you need to surround yourself with smart people. You would not want to hire an average person to do an exceptional job for you. Because, in that case you’ll have to train them without a guarantee whether the output is going to be any good. You can’t change the DNA just by training. And, even if you do, it usually takes a very long time (and time is scarce).

If you are looking to get the most from your team of these smart people that you’ve hired; You just need to show them some direction, empower them, ask them what they need to be successful and just trust them. They may fail, but that failure would be a great learning for everyone and should not be taken as a setback. And, advocate Fail-fast approach. Micro-management may lead nowhere, cause if you are micro-managing then probably you’ve hired a wrong person and it will never help you to get the most.

Empowerment and Trust are the two primary building blocks of Success and Performance for your team and your organization.

In my role, I trust young generation, I believe they have all the capabilities and simply need just a little bit of direction to be a leader and to align with overall corporate objectives. Surely, they can figure out everything else on their own. I simply ensure that I empower them with the right tools and processes to make them successful in their endeavors.

Watch Sundar Pichai, CEO Google and Alphabet, summing it up so beautifully in context of a large enterprise such as Google, in this video – Teamwork, Collaboration. Video courtesy – IIT Kharagpur.

This article is contributed by Shashank Srivastava, Director and Head of Global Marketing, Product Management and Strategic Initiatives at Cavisson Systems Inc.